In the highly competitive arena of international motor sport, teams derive revenues from race

winnings, advertising, related sponsorships agreements with product manufacturers and

companies as well as drivers who contribute to team budgets in exchange for an opportunity to

race for the team. Historically, drivers have solicited sponsorships from product manufacturers,

service providers or others seeking to access the viewership that the race venues generate.


Beginning in 2004 the Company established its presence with various drivers and teams in

various race venues both within the United States and abroad in order to acquire a wide range

of advertising/sponsorship potential.


Having established Scuderia Niosi's presence almost world wide, the Company's business

now includes the arbitrage of advertising space between corporate sponsors and various

drivers, teams and/or race series, while overall, the Company continues to introduce

sponsorship opportunities to United State's based corporations who are seeking global

marketing mechanisms for their products acting as an agent for teams and race series.


The Company has established relationships with various teams both within the United States

and abroad, and various race series promoters or sponsors such as the FIA, KSO and








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